Our mission: “Keeping Greene County history alive.”    Our motto: “With our programming, museum and special events, we not only preserve the history of our county in west central Iowa, we make that history come alive again!”    Our inspiration: “If you’re going to be presenting history, and you want people to pay any attention to it,” said the late James H. Andrew, “you better make it fun!”
  • Have we ever had as much laughter at a meeting of the Greene County Historical Society as we did on Friday, Nov. 1, in Scranton? The program was a celebration of the 70 years of Scranton's Varceis Club, which raises money for scholarships and community projects, mainly with a big salad luncheon and often-crazy skit every September. At our meeting, they re-created scenes from some of those skits, including having the club's "chefs" roll in this huge 70th birthday cake. The surprise was when Roberta Brown Henning, 89, the only original member of the Varceis Club still living, popped up in the middle of it. "Isn't it fun being a little crazy?" she said afterward. The program also featured a round-up of the histories of other women's clubs in Greene County.

Holiday promotional gifts from merchants sure have changed over the years!

By MARY WEAVER RIPPEY, Iowa, Jan. 20, 2020 — Christmas 2019 has passed, as has the whole decade of the twenty teens. The tree and the various Christmas house decorations have been placed back in the totes and stored in the basement. Most of the newly received gifts have been incorporated into the household. New […]


All officers re-elected as our historical society closes out 2019 programming

JEFFERSON, Iowa, Dec. 7, 2019 — The Greene County Iowa Historical Society had its final meeting of 2019 on Friday, Dec. 6, with a holiday meal at the Greenewood Center in Jefferson. Officers re-elected for 2020 are David John, president; Margaret Hamilton, programs chairperson; Joyce Ausberger, secretary; Becki Cunningham, treasurer; Dale Hanaman, past-president, and Roger […]


Scranton’s “Varceis Club” headlines our program on the many women’s clubs

SCRANTON, Iowa, Oct. 27, 2019 — The Greene County Historical Society will dip into some real rural Iowa culture in its meeting and program on Friday, Nov. 1, at the Scranton United Methodist Church. Journalist Chuck Offenburger, of rural Cooper, will share some details from a column he has written about the history and current […]


More “cover crops” being planted in Greene County now, and they’re really as historic as they are futuristic

By MARY WEAVER RIPPEY, Iowa, Sept. 27, 2019 — Gillum S. Toliver, born in 1840, was a youth of 14 years when he settled in Greene County with his parents. The Greene County Historical Society has a copy of a diary kept by Toliver, and this is his description of the North Raccoon River, and […]


At Oct. 4 Rippey meeting, we’ll hear the stories of three historic farms

RIPPEY, Iowa, Sept. 27, 2019 — Nancy Hanaman, of rural Rippey, will lead a program on “Farming in Greene County: From horse & plow to GPS in the fields” on Friday, Oct. 4, when the historical society meets at the United Methodist Church here. The program will focus on this historic farms of three families […]


A second “museum party” this Saturday welcomes another Lincoln Highway tour recalling 1919 convoy

JEFFERSON, Iowa, Sept. 3, 1010 — The Greene County Historical Society is hosting another “museum party” this Saturday, Sept. 7, to help welcome another group coming through Greene County as part of a motor tour across the nation on the historic Lincoln Highway. The historical museum at 219 E. Lincoln Way will be open for […]

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How many courthouse structures have been built on the site of the current Greene County Courthouse?



There have been three courthouses built where the Greene County Courthouse stands today.  Ground was broken on the current courthouse in November of 1915, the cornerstone was set in May 1916 and the new building was dedicated in October of 1917. The centennial celebration of the courthouse is already underway, with events being planned by the “Courthouse 100” committee, with support from the Greene County Historical Society.  You can learn more about the courthouse history and the celebration plans on the Facebook page “Courthouse 100: Greene County, Iowa.”


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